Our brand Lisanel is structured by several lines that are based on the use of keratin, ginger and Coco for the effective treatment of hair, maintaining its natural and abundant tone.

Coco Line

This line acts effectively on the hair, restoring natural moisture and providing a perfect lubrication and shine. Specially formulated to give softness to the hair, moisturizing it and avoiding dryness.

Cinnamon, Coco & Ginger Line

It contains nourishing and growth-stimulating properties. The Cinnamon acts as a repair for damaged and dry hair, the Coco provides vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and the Ginger is responsible for strengthening the hair from the root to the tip helping it grow healthy and strong.

Keratina Line

The Keratin Protein is a powerful hair restructuring treatment, acts by filling the areas of hair fiber that lost keratin, repairs the hair structure and provides the strength and volume necessary for fine hair, fine damaged and without volume.