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Kapril Industrial is a Cosmetics production company, founded in December of 2002, by a group of Dominican shareholders, chemistry professionals and with vast experience in the manufacture of different types of products. In that same year, the KAPRIL brand was released for the first time with the line of care for the hair based on proteins and vitamins, composed of five (5) products, which was made known and won the acceptance of the consumer public. With the collaboration of a good team and after several years of efforts, Kapril Industrial has developed a policy of expansion, through a range of hair care products.

At present we have two product lines: Kapril Line for professional use (exclusive for beauty salons), and Lisanel Massive Line.

The same economic growth of our country has allowed the company to extend its production lines to meet the demand for new products every day. In the beginning, our products were only commercialized in the province of Santo Domingo and the National District of the Dominican Republic. Then due to the great reception of our brands, they began to be sold throughout the national territory. Currently this company has plans to expand to international markets, such as Central America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Today it is in a good position in the cosmetic market with great consumer acceptance and is ready to face new challenges.

Mission To provide our clients with solutions for the care of their personal image, offering them quality cosmetic products, designed to fulfill all their expectations, using the appropriate technologies, providing the due encouragement to our staff, as well as reasonable contributions to our shareholders.

Vision To become the preferred beauty brand for people who value the care of their image, being recognized nationally and in the countries of the region as the most reliable and best quality cosmetic industry in the products and services we offer.

Values ​​We consider the following behavior patterns as our guiding values:

  • Quality in the products that we elaborate and distribute.
  • Personalized service to our customers.
  • Integrity in our institutional and personal coexistence.
  • Respect towards the environment.
  • Creativity and continuous improvement in all our activities.
  • Team work to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. Market
  • Beauty salons.
  • Beauty Supply Distributors – Stores – Supermarkets

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Kapril Industrial

Calle 12 numero 35 Villa Aura Santo Domingo Oeste Rep. Dom

809 530 9984 or

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