HerbaFresh, a brand of proven quality. We work with natural products especially herbs that have a natural effect on growth and maintenance.

Olive Oil Line

Softens the waves of your hair temporarily, leaving it silky, smooth and shiny. Formulated with olive oil, source of vitamin E and polyphenols, essential nutrients for damaged, dull and dull hair.

Macadamia Line

Formulated with Macadamia oil known for its deep penetration absorption qualities, which nourishes and conditions the hair sealing or cuticle. It also improves the elasticity and brightness thanks to its content of palmitoleic fatty acid important to revive dull and lifeless hair.

Herbal Extracts Line

This line is formulated with extract of seven herbs, which has the property of revitalizing and improving the appearance of hair, controls seborrhea, also could prevent the appearance of gray hair and stimulate hair growth. providing body, natural shine and manageability to the hair.