Kapril products are the best combinations of natural products to obtain a mixture that gives vigor to your hair, giving back its natural and brilliant tone.

Botox Line

Improve hydration, soften and restore body with the Botox Hair Restoration System. This innovative application of hyaluronic acid reduces imperfections and signs of aging hair; leaving your hair shiny, silky and hydrated.

Argan Oil Line

An intense moisturizer and regenerator system using enriched argan oil and natural antioxidants (omega 6 and vitamin E) to combat hair damage and provide protection from heat while restoring shine.

Restoration Line

Made from a combination of natural proteins and vitamins, essential nutrients to restructure hydrate and protect your hair, acts directly on the hair fiber, providing health and vigor to your hair from the root to the tip returning its natural shine.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Line

A unique Hydrolyzed Keratin formula that has the ability to restore and strengthen every strand of your hair. Increase your hair volume and give your hair the boost of nutrition it deserves.

Hair Growth Line

Stimulate growth and control hair loss with a balanced combination of vital B vitamins, soy sulfopeptides, amino acids and plant extracts – the building blocks your body needs to regulate and stimulate hair growth. This powerful formula is one of the most complete treatments for the prevention of hair loss.